SBJC Athletics

  • Our athletics program embraces the No Barriers' mindset of "What's within you is stronger than what's in your way."

    The mission of the South Bergen Jointure Commission is to give our students opportunities that will lead them to living independent lives, and we believe athletics is an important tool to achieve this. Athletics provides our students with the chance to grow and develop leadership skills, to promote healthy living, and to enhance social/communication skills with their peers. Participating in a sport while at the SBJC can promote our students’ involvement in extracurriculars when they return to their home district.

    Cross Country - Fall Season
    Cross Country is the fall version of Track & Field. Students participate in long distance running (practices regularly involve walking/running from 1 to 3.5 miles). Athletes work with our coaches running on outdoor terrain as well as exercising on our Lodi Campus exercise equipment. 

    Bowling - Winter Season
    For this winter sport, our athletes practice at Lodi Lanes learning the skills needed to compete at high levels. Bowling is both a physical and mental exercise, and teaches our students how to problem-solve as well as improve strength and gross motor skills.

    Basketball - Winter Season
    New this year is the development of a basketball program at SBJC. Basketball encourages speed and agility, helping our students build the skills needed to improve collaboration and sportsmanship. 

    Track and Field - Spring Season
    In partnering with a nearby high school, students learn about the many events contained within the sport at a local high school track and field facility. Our students work regularly on building up their endurance, agility, and flexibility.


High School Athletics Forms