18-21 STAR Program

  • The SBJC STAR Program is for students aged 18-21 who have fulfilled the mandated requirements for high school graduation. The STAR Program's primary objective is to facilitate a successful transition from high school to adulthood, empowering students to become active members of society and the workforce. Under the guidance of teachers, paraprofessionals, job coaches, and therapists, students have the opportunity to explore the local community. This program incorporates community-based instructional and training sessions, allowing students to participate in the Work-Based Learning Program. Eligible students also receive information for application to the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and DDD.

    Our STAR program is designed to seamlessly integrate academic learning with real-life experiences, preparing students for independent living and successful integration into the community workforce. Daily instruction emphasizes the development of a diverse skill set, combining community-based instruction, social skills training, and structured learning experience internships within local businesses.

    In-school instruction utilizes the James Stanfield Transition Curriculum and the Life-Centered Career Education Curriculum, encompassing three key units:

    Personal Management
    Through power building unit lessons and activities, students discover and practice skills to use in appreciating their own uniqueness as well as strategies for identifying and pursuing a career goal of their choice. Students also learn the steps to take in furthering their education and skills to use in advocating for themselves.

    Career Management
    In this unit, students will learn and apply methods of effective communication and steps to take to enter the career they have chosen. In addition, students will learn the necessary actions to take to become valued and successful employees and ways to become responsible members of their community.

    Life Management
    In this unit, students identify and practice the decisions they will make as responsible adults, including how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy leisure activities. Students are given options and opportunities for independent living while maintaining a satisfying family life.

Program Staff

  • Ken Rota
    Principal of Lodi Campus
    Email: krota@njsbjc.org

    Tai Kelly
    Transition Coordinator
    Email: tkelly@njsbjc.org

    Cheryl Kavanagh
    Transition Counselor
    Email: ckavanagh@njsbjc.org

Travel Training

  • Our Travel Training is a structured educational program designed to equip students with the necessary skills to navigate and use public transportation effectively, including the use of services like Access Link. As an integral component of our 18-21 program, the primary goal is to enhance students' independence and self-sufficiency by increasing their capacity to independently commute to and from their workplace using public transportation.

    This training goes beyond basic familiarity with public transportation systems; it delves into the topics of planning routes, understanding schedules, using various modes of public transit, and ensuring safety during travel. Students are provided with hands-on experience, practical scenarios, and real-life simulations to build confidence and competence in utilizing public transportation options.

Work-Based Learning

  • Through our Work-Based Learning Partnerships with several local businesses and community agencies, students 16 years of age or older (junior year of high school) are provided with the opportunity to participate in school-sponsored non-paid external learning experiences. Placements vary depending on the abilities and interest of the students. A variety of work-based learning experiences are offered to expose students to different jobs and businesses. Each student’s School to Work program is developed in accordance with the student’s Individual Education Program Transition Plan. Students are supervised by an SBJC employee and a workplace mentor.

    Some of the current Work-Based Learning Sites include:

    • Homewood Suites
    • JJK Distributors
    • New Balance
    • Walgreens
    • Lodi Lanes
    • Napoli Pizza