• South Bergen Jointure Commission

    The South Bergen Jointure Commission provides transportation coordination for all districts in Bergen County and contiguous counties requesting services. It also provides subscription busing to all parents seeking transportation for their children to schools who are served by our transportation routes. A district or parent seeking transportation coordination should call to make arrangements.

    Transportation request forms should be faxed to the office a minimum of 48 hours before transportation is needed to begin. District personnel must secure the signature of the Business Administrator or the designated person delegated to sign the transportation request forms. Parents are not permitted to request a pick-up or drop-off changes to transportation arrangements from the Jointure Commission. All changes must be made through the office of the Business Administrator in the district in which the student is a resident.
  • South Bergen Jointure Commission Transportation Department
    696 Route 46 West
    Teterboro, NJ 07608
    Fax: 201-288-2851
    Fax: 201-288-2854
    Heather Auerbach
    Transportation Manager
    Tel: 201-393-0475 ext. 231
    Email: hauerbach@njsbjc.org

    Rhonda Collazo
    Transportation Assistant
    Tel: 201-393-0475 ext. 232
    Email: rcollazo@njsbjc.org

    Tracy Singh
    Transportation Assistant
    Tel: 201-393-0475 ext. 234
    Email: tsingh@njsbjc.org