Medical Information

  • Physical Exam
    All students are required to have a physical examination prior to entry into the South Bergen Jointure Commission. It should be documented if your child has allergies, medical disabilities or medical limitations.  The Physical Exam Form can be downloaded: See Below

    All children must have updated immunizations in accordance to state mandates. These need to be documented by the physician.

    All students 10 or older will receive a scoliosis exam conducted by the school nurse with parental permission.

    All students must enter the South Bergen Jointure Commission program with a vision screening. The results must be submitted in writing. Every year the child will receive a screening by the school nurse or the Commission of the Blind, with parental consent.

    All children entering the South Bergen Jointure Commission must submit an audio screening in writing. Once enrolled an audio screening will be done by the school nurse annually, with the parental consent.

    We ask all parents to keep children home if they are ill.  All children will be sent home if:

    • Vomiting and / or diarrhea.
    • A temperature of 100 degrees or over.
    • Any discharge from eye (possible conjunctivitis) must have a physician’s note saying it is non-contagious.
    • Any undiagnosed rash.
    • Any child with a fever, vomiting and / or diarrhea cannot return to school for 24 hours after symptoms subside.
    • Any child absent 5 days or longer must return to school with a doctor’s note.
    • Any child who has a surgical procedure must return to school with a doctor’s note specifying they can return to school and if there are any limitations.
    • If your child needs any medical medication administered in school, you must submit the medication in the original container. A physician’s and parent’s note is also required.