Extended School Year

  • The SBJC can provide Extended School Year to support students in maintaining the academic, social/behavioral, communication, or other skills that they have learned as part of their Individualized Education Program (IEP). Determination for ESY services is made by the student's CST at the child's annual review meeting. ESY often takes place throughout the four weeks in the month of July, with school hours adjusted by campus. Teachers, paraprofessionals, and related services are continued through the month of July.

    To view the Extended School Year calendar for this school year, visit our Calendar page. 

ESY Program Overview

  • Available for all grade levels

    Modified schedule (half-day)

    Continued support in the educational environment

  • CBI and Field Trip opportunities

    Engagement with peers

    Work on academic areas in need of improvement

  • NJAC 6A:14-4.3 Program options
    "The IEP team shall make an individual determination regarding the need for an extended school year program. An extended school year program provides for the extension of special education and related services beyond the regular school year. An extended school year program is provided in accordance with the student's IEP when an interruption in educational programming causes the student's performance to revert to a lower level of functioning and recoupment cannot be expected in a reasonable length of time. The IEP team shall consider all relevant factors in determining the need for an extended school year program."