The SBJC STAR Program is for students ages 18-21 who have completed the mandated requirements for high school graduation. It is the goal of the STAR Program to enable students to transition successfully from high school to adulthood as an active member of society and the workforce. The STAR Program provides students with the opportunity to venture into the local community under the supervision of their teachers, paraprofessionals, job coaches, and therapists. All students participate in community-based instructional and training sessions and are eligible to participate in the school’s Structured Learning Experience Program.  The program emphasizes hands-on instruction in the school’s Campus Training Centers and at off-campus community and structured learning experience settings. Eligible students will receive information for application to the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and DDD.

    Our STAR program aims to integrate academic learning with real-life experiences in order to prepare students to live independently and to work successfully in the community. Daily instruction emphasizes the importance of a broad base of skills. The curriculum blends community based instruction, social skills training, and structured learning experience internships in local businesses. During in-school instruction, students will utilize the James Stanfield Transition Curriculm. This curriculum includes the following three units. Students also continue to focus on academics by following the Life Centered Career Education Curriculum and The TRANSITIONS Curriculum.