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    The SBJC is a public New Jersey school district serving 300+ students throughout the Bergen County area. We have three main campuses and five annexes in eight towns. We also provide transportation, professional development, and related services.

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  • Lodi Campus Student Spotlight: October 2019

    By Natalia (12th grade). We’re proud to announce Stalin for our Lodi Campus Student Spotlight of October 2019. This student has been a part of SBJC since 2016 and a part of the steam team for the same amount of time. He enjoys wrestling, gaming and is an avid reader. At home he helps takes care of his two younger sisters along with his pet guinea pig named Luna! Another thing to note is that his birthday is this month, so next time you pass by this legend feel free to wish him a happy birth month! He also wishes to be quoted saying, “Mr. Rossi is a great principal...I am excited about the new programs at SBJC!”

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  • SBJC Middle States Parent Survey is Open

    SBJC is also undergoing its initial accreditation with the Middle States Association of Elementary and Secondary Schools. As part of this self-study and strategic planning process, parents will play a key role and your feedback is critical in helping the district identify its overarching goals. We encourage all families to complete this survey, as your voice and input is vital. Click on "Read More" below to access the parent survey (Google Form).

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  • Erik Weihenmayer Sparks SBJC's New School Year

    Erik Weihenmayer, Co-Founder of No Barriers USA and the first blind person to climb Mt. Everest, stirred the crowd of SBJC faculty and parents as the keynote speaker of our 2019-2020 New School Year Faculty Convocation. Weihenmayer shared his story of how he uses adversity to his advantage, and how those in the No Barriers family have turned their challenges into...

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  • Ricky Conti earns SBJC 2019 Valedictorian

    Ricky was named the SBJC Class of 2019 Valedictorian. We asked Ricky to share his story with us. Learn about this chess enthusiast and future chef by clicking on Read More below.

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  • Lodi Students and Staff Raise Money for Heart Research

    For this year's Hoops for Heart, our SBJC Lodi Campus raised over $1100 for heart disease research. To kick off the event, SBJC Lodi staff faced off in an epic basketball game that ended in a double OT 28-28 tie. It was followed by a student vs. student game of equally epic proportions, as well as an awesome display of sportsmanship.

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  • This is Sarah-Ann Rizzolo, SBJC Teacher/Educational Services Professionals Recognition Program Selection

    Ms. Rizzolo was selected for this year's Teacher Recognition Program. You can read the full story of her SBJC career by clicking on Read More below.

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  • This is Theresa Gallagher, SBJC Teacher/Educational Services Professionals Recognition Program Selection

    Ms. Gallagher was selected for this year's Teacher Recognition Program. Speech Pathologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Ms. Gallagher has been with the SBJC for 21 years. Read her full educational bio here.

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  • This is Mary Payoczkowski, SBJC Teacher/Educational Services Professionals Recognition Program Selection

    Ms. Payoczkowski was selected for this year's Teacher Recognition Program. Lodi Campus Phys. Ed. Teacher and lover of all things fitness, we asked her to share with us a biography of her journey through the educational world.

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  • SBJC's Teacher Recognition Selection for 2018-19

    The South Bergen Jointure Commission is proud to announce our Teacher Recognition Selection for the 2018-2019 school year. We congratulate Sarah-Ann Rizzolo, Theresa Gallagher, and Mary Payoczkowski for being selected. Your hard work and dedication to our program has been acknowledged by your peers, your students, your students’ guardians, and your administration. We thank you for your service.

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