Behavioral Supports
    Our students and classrooms are supported by our behavioral staff, consisting of School Psychologists, Social Workers, and teachers with vast and varied experiences in working with students exhibiting challenging behaviors. Our teachers are all highly experienced and trained in behavioral techniques, including Applied Behavior Analysis. Our experienced and on-staff behaviorist offer workshops throughout the school year.

    It is the goal of the SBJC Middle/High School administration to create a safe and pleasant environment for its students, faculty and staff. In addition to the services mentioned above, we have instituted a school-wide behavior management program. The SBJC Rewards System for Behavioral Assessment, Modification, and Management is a school-wide token economy system. This program provides faculty, professional staff, paraprofessionals, and the administration with positive, proactive strategies to praise and reward desired student behaviors while simultaneously providing students with the opportunity to learn effective problem solving and strategic thinking skills to prevent the recurrence of undesired behaviors.

    Related Services
    Our classrooms and teachers are supported by a full team of highly qualified related services specialists. Services to students are provided on site as per each student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). Related Services include Speech/Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Counseling. These services are provided individually and in small groups in classrooms and in a consultative model.

    Family Services
    The South Bergen Jointure Commission prides itself on service to the families of the children in our schools. We greatly value and understand the need to work collaboratively in order to maximize the outcomes for the children on a daily basis. We encourage and provide:

    • On-going communication between home and school
    • Parent Visitation
    • Parent Training Sessions
    • Membership in Parent-Teacher Organization