South Bergen Jointure Commission

  • SBJC Quarterly

    The students and staff of the South Bergen Jointure Commission do amazing things daily; the SBJC Quarterly is our district-wide newsletter celebrating and showcasing their successes. In this issue, read about our seven-year strategic plan and the objectives we're looking to achieve; read about the amazing trips our students took in the spring; and read about SBJC's 2022 valedictorian.

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  • Yoga/Mindfulness Program

    Our Yoga/Mindfulness Program helps students regulate the world around them, using mindfulness techniques to regulate behaviors. The Yoga/Mindfulness team provides training to every single student in our district.

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  • High School Sports

    At our Lodi Campus, students now have the opportunity to participate in three-seasons of after-school athletics. Visit the Resources section on our Parent page to learn more about how to get your student involved.

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  • Parent Resources Hub

    The SBJC believes in the power of our students’ families and communities. Our Parent Committee has developed a database of community resources for students of all ages.

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Our Classrooms

  • Program for Preschoolers with Disabilities (PSD)
    The philosophy in all of our PSD classrooms is students first. When you visit an SBJC PSD classroom, what you find is an environment that is child friendly with students participating in programs focusing on intensive and early intervention.

    Program for Students with Emotional Regulation Impairment (ERI)
    Our Emotional Regulation Impairment Program philosophy is to provide comprehensive supports to the child and their family, with a focus on the whole child. We take several measures in order to achieve this approach, including: district-wide behavior system; classrooms staffed at a 2:1 ratio; positive behavior supports; foster reinforcement-rich environment; and replacement behaviors are taught and reinforced.

    Program for Students with Multiple Disabilities (MD)
    Our Multiple Disabilities program blends a curriculum of academic and functional skills to provide students with specialized learning to foster their independence.

    Program for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    Our Autism Program uses Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) as its primary approach in order to alter behaviors and positively influence how learning takes place. All classes have a 2:1 student to staff ratio. We utilize centers-based instruction focusing on academic, social-emotional, communication, and functional living skills.

    18-21 Transition Program
    Transition is designed to establish a vision for the future for our students by providing them with instruction and training in all areas of adulthood. Programs vary for each student's unique needs, strengths, and interests.

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