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SBJC Partners with Felician for Veteran Mentorship Program

In partnership with Felician University, the SBJC kicked off our first ever Veterans' Mentor program on November 14. And the meeting between the seven SBJC students and three Felician University Student-Veterans was an awesome success.

SBJC students were able to get lunch in the Felician cafeteria while seeing and experiencing what it's like to be in and interact with people in the University dining hall. Lunches were taken to a meeting hall, where students and veteranss introduced themselves, shared their interests, and began to learn more about one another. The day served as a true icebreaker on both sides, where nervous conversation turned into true interpersonal discourse between the vets and our students. As the meeting closed, we discussed a bit about our No Barriers partnership and challenged both the students and the vets to think of projects and meeting activities that will continue to "stretch the rubber band of possibility." 

We would like to see this program challenge both our students and our Vets, and to see them "learn from each other" as one Veteran, Michael, stated. The SBJC, along with Felician University, have embarked on a new adventure with this program, and we will align it with the common interests that both the Veterans and the SBJC students shared. We will include both excursions and didactic/project based activities as we continue on this fantastic journey.