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CBI Shop

Marie Bridge, the school nurse at SBJC’s Lodi campus, unveiled a new activity to enrich our student’s community learning opportunities. On November 13 our student lounge was transformed into the CBI shop: an in-house self contained shopping experience. There were many items donated by Mrs. Bridge and her family which were available for students to buy at affordable prices. The cash register was run by a 12th grade student volunteer who collected money for purchases and ensured that the shoppers received the correct change. This activity offers valued practice in shopping etiquette, proper communication with store employees, paying for purchases, and making sure you received the correct change. This was all provided in an environment where the students  learn at their own pace. In addition, our upperclass student volunteers received valuable experience in what it is like to work in a store. The CBI shop operates on days when the weather or temperature prohibit a journey into the local community. All proceeds from the sales are used to continue and improve this fantastic activity.