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Lodi Rec. Department’s Superintendent Comes in as a Guest Speaker

By Natalia, 12th grade

On October 2nd, we had a guest speaker named Anna Belli come speak to the 12th grade classes along with our STARS group. Mrs. Belli is the superintendent from the Lodi Recreation Department, and she discussed with the students her recreational services along with future events. While she was here we also got to ask her questions. Many questions were about what goes on in recreation, how she got started, and some additional questions about her personal interests: we found out her favorite NFL team is the Green Bay Packers! At the end of her talk and Q&A, she gave us some items courtesy of Lodi’s Fire Department, Lodi Municipal Drug Alliance, and the Lodi Rec Department. On March 31st, she is retiring from the Lodi Rec Department. Mrs. Belli has been apart of the Lodi Rec Department for 40 years. From us at SBJC, we hope she has a great retirement!