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Principal's Note: October 2019

Principal’s Note

Throughout the month of October, we are practicing the concept of RESPECT. It is being stressed to our students that the word “respect” means to appreciate everyone whom we meet.  On Monday, October 7th we initiated the Week of Respect. Each day of the week a different respect-based theme was celebrated. Many students received Student Achievement Award Certificates in recognition of their “Doing the Right Thing.”

The Chess Club began on October 15th. Twenty students signed up so Mr. Bladzinski divided them into groups of ten.  One group will be during lunch on Tuesdays and the other on Thursdays. The club will introduce new learners to the fundamentals of chess and begin by mastering each piece and its function. They begin with learning the movement and function of a pawn piece and play games consisting of only pawns. These students will exponentially learn the game piece by piece until having a fully set game. This is taught through instructional videos, drawing exercises, and hands-on gameplay during 1-on-1 matches or team matches. Students who are familiar with the game will be placed in fully set 1-on-1 matches. Mr. Bladzinski will oversee these matches and teach new effective strategies to outmaneuver an opponent. 

During the month of October, the SBJC Middle/High school students will participate in Student Council elections. The students who sign up for the election will create posters and write a speech to promote their campaigns. They will give their speeches in front of their classmates and advocate why they deserve to represent SBJC as Student Council members. Upon hearing the speeches, there will be a school wide election for six members of the Student Council.  Four students representing the high school will be elected to the position of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. In addition, there will be two middle school representatives to advocate for the needs and wants of our middle school population. The elected Student Council officers will have a great deal of responsibility and have educational and behavioral expectations. The duties of the officers will include coordinating fund raisers, holiday trips to the other schools, and participating in Read Across America and other school wide functions. They will serve as advocates for their peers and participate in frequent Student Council meetings during their lunch periods. They will discuss any school wide issues,  prepare activity calendars, and organize the budget.