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Meet SBJC STAR, Jonathan

One of Jonathan’s Structured Learning Experience (SLE) training sites is Walgreens in Lodi. Jonathan assists with the interior maintenance of the store by ensuring that merchandise is neat and orderly.  Jonathan engages in reshelving and returns and works directly with a job coach in matching the items’ barcode to the correct location on the retail shelves. Jonathan will also reshelve out of place items,  maintain promotional seasonal and sale merchandise, and he has a working knowledge of the stores systems (recycling boxes, conducting quality control in the food aisles, etc.) Jonathan can also provide basic customer service (assistance with finding items, directing customers to the correct aisle).  Jonathan’s work performance continues to increase while training at Walgreens. Jonathan’s confidence and competence are increasing and he has the ability to improve his performance when shown how. Please congratulate Jonathan in the hallways for his phenomenal work and dedication to our STAR program.