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Preschoolers take the No Barriers Pledge

Students at all of our Early Learning Centers took the No Barriers Pledge this month. It reads:

I pledge to live a No Barriers Life. In doing so, I am promising to harness adversity, break through my personal barriers and create a life of purpose and impact. I will always remember that regardless of our abilities, we all have some type of barrier in our lives and that no matter what barriers I face, what’s within me is stronger than what’s in my way.

At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, the South Bergen Jointure Commission announced its partnership with No Barriers USA, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to fully unleash the potential of the human spirit. 

Erik Weihenmayer, Co-Founder of No Barriers USA and the first blind person to climb Mt. Everest, stirred the crowd of SBJC faculty and parents as the keynote speaker of our 2019-2020 New School Year Faculty Convocation at Felician University. Weihenmayer shared his story of how he uses adversity to his advantage, and how those in the No Barriers family have turned their challenges into extraordinary accomplishments. His moving story is the spark that has set in motion a partnership between No Barriers USA, Felician University, and the SBJC. 

We know educating students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Behavioral Disorders, and Multiple Disabilities requires specialized training. If we do not teach our students how to mitigate the symptoms of their disability, we do little to improve their quality of life. The majority of differently abled adults still require assistance in day-to-day activities and are unable to hold employment or complete their schooling. With our district’s commitment to adopting the No Barriers mindset, we will provide our students with the tools necessary to unlock their potential.