Nurse's Corner

  • Hi! This is Joy Segreto, your new school nurse. Our Health office has completed our county audit. Thank you parents for helping us get your students immunization records up to date. We are also preparing for this year’s flu season and hope it will be an easy one on our students. The state of NJ requires flu shots yearly for all students up to 59 months and recommends that all other students get yearly flu shots. Remember “ healthy students make great learners”. For the safety of our students, please do not send in medication in your students backpack.  All medication needs to be brought in to school by an adult. If you want the Nurse to give any medicine to your student, prescription or over the counter, we need a doctor’s order. If your child has any new medical conditions please let the nurse know so that we can provide the best care possible to your student. We will soon be starting our health screenings (vision, hearing, blood pressure, scoliosis, heights and weights) with the help of BCC student nurses.    

    I am looking forward to my first full school year of keeping our student population healthy and strengthening the educational process through the promotion of good student health. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    Joy Segreto
    Maywood Campus Nurse

Nurse Contact Info

  • Mrs. Joy Segreto
    Maywood Campus School Nurse
    Tel: 201-845-8818 ext. 235
    Fax: 201-845-6408