• This is our Mission.
    The mission of the South Bergen Jointure Commission is to unlock the potential of every student. As a leading educational provider, we will focus on the development of each student’s social, emotional, and academic needs. By fostering an environment that is supportive and challenging, we will empower students to maximize their independence and potential in becoming fulfilled and productive members of their community.

    These are our Core Values.
    We believe our students come first and foremost. We meet the diverse needs of all students by providing individualized learning experiences focused on maximizing their independence.
    We believe that every member of our team plays an important role. We are a diverse group of life-long learners who understand that professional growth and development of staff is necessary to ensure student success.
    We believe in the power of our students’ families and communities. We value the role that SBJC families and communities play in our students’ learning experiences. The strong home/school collaboration we have developed assists with the generalization and sustainability of our students’ education.
    We believe that our schools are safe, supportive, and challenging learning environments. We support and encourage our students to take calculated risks, seek challenges, and break barriers.

    This is our Profile of an SBJC Graduate.
    SBJC's profile of a graduate