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SBJC Receives Middle States Accreditation Candidacy to Guide Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement

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About the Middle States Process

  • The Middle States Association is an accrediting commission that works with schools and universities throughout the world. Schools who seek accreditation through Middle States are making a commitment that they will better themselves, that they will make improvements to their schools and their district, and that they will involve all members of the district’s community in this process. It begins with a self-study, where data is collected from surveys completed by our district's facult and staff, as well as by our students’ families. This data is then used to analyze everything from our district’s mission to the services we provide, and from this information members of the SBJC develop a plan that seeks to better our organization and increase our student achievement. At the end of this self-study process, and after our plan for growth and improvement has been created, a Middle States Visiting Team made up of educators comes to our district to review our program and its goals.

2021 Update

  • In our efforts to develop a transformative plan, the SBJC has established sub-committees of faculty, staff, and parents to work on individual objectives that will guide us in achieving our district’s vision: establishing a formalized system that best ensures the federal mandate of Least Restrictive environment is being achieved. These sub-committees will be meeting monthly to define goals for each of our four main objectives. As a learning district determined to become a leading district, we will be planning, implementing, and learning on a continuous basis, and we will make sure to share all information with you throughout the process.

SBJC Strategic Plan Objectives