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  • New Sensory Path!

    The sensory path is a wonderful new addition to our school! This is a colorful and creative grouping of floor and wall stickers that lead the students through a fun and engaging path. The sensory path provides the students with a movement break outlet, and with various sensory based experiences, helping them to become more attentive to classroom and therapy tasks. Since its implementation in September, it has definitely gotten a lot of use! It has been used by the therapy department to help the students become more regulated before therapy and to help target motor skills, sensory integration and processing, direction following, and movement words in a new and exciting manner. Additionally, the teachers have the students using the path as brain breaks from center time, and even during various transition times throughout the day. The teachers love being able to give their students another opportunity for movement and sensory experiences during their day. We look forward to continue using it throughout the year as another way to engage the students in fun and beneficial activities.