In addition to the academic program, the South Bergen Jointure Commission offers students the opportunity to take part in afterschool clubs to allow them to engage with their peers who share similar interests. These clubs provide our students with the avenue necessary to continue to work on social skills, as well as, skills necessary for life all while allowing them to continue to explore their own talents. These clubs are supervised and facilitated by the South Bergen Jointure Commission Middle School/High School Staff. Clubs run from 2:30 - 4:00 pm, Tuesday through Thursday. 

    Homework Club
    This club will offer the opportunity for students to do their homework in an environment with staff as well as Peer volunteers to assist with any questions students may have regarding homework assignments. They will also have assess to computers to help with any research assignments as well as provide them the opportunity to use any of the Word applications.

    Yearbook Club
    Students work with an advisor on designing computer layouts and design, selecting and editing photographs as well as selecting and editing captions to help complete the MS/HS Yearbook.

    Robotics Club
    Students will be introduced to the world of robotics. Students will learn how to build, program and operate various robots. Students also compete in county-wide robotics competions.

    Student Newsletter
    In this club students will conduct staff interviews, create cartoons, write student interest articles, and report on MS/HS events. The students then will edit, design and print the magazine all while using Microsoft Publisher. The finished product will be shared with the student population