• We are the SBJC.

    The South Bergen Jointure Commission is a state-approved Board of Education whose mission is to provide services to participating local school districts, with an emphasis on shared services. It is governed by a Commission composed of fifteen trustees, each a member of a participating school district and appointed by their respective Boards of Education. The Commission has all the powers and authority of a Board of Education and is funded entirely by income derived from the provision of services and/or by assessments. The Jointure Commission serves as a lead agency for the purposes of creating consortiums or cooperative enterprises. It provides services in the following areas:

    • Special Education Classrooms
    • Curriculum
    • Outreach & Related Services
    • Transportation
    • Professional Development
    • Home Programming
    • Students Transitioning to Adult Responsibilities
    • ESY
    • STEAM Labs

    The South Bergen Jointure Commission provides special education classes for children of various classifications, including Autism, Multiply disabled, and Behavioral Disorders, from pre-k to 21 years of age. Classes are located at campuses in Maywood, Lodi, East Rutherford, Carlstadt, Little Ferry, South Hackensack, and Moonachie. The programs offered provide all the services listed in a child’s IEP. The campuses have speech therapists, occupational and physical therapists (physical and occupational therapy assistants are not used), behavior/counseling departments, and also offer music, art, and physical education classes. The program for autism uses Applied Behavior Analysis as its primary approach. As needed, alternative approaches are introduced to prepare the student for transitioning into other classes.

    The South Bergen Jointure Commission has developed and implements academic curricula that is fully aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. The New Jersey Student Learning Standards include Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards, as well as nine K-12 standards for the following content areas:
    21st Century Life and Careers · Comprehensive Health and Physical Education · English Language Arts · Mathematics · Science · Social Studies · Technology · Visual and Performing Arts · World Languages

    The South Bergen Jointure Commission employs psychologists, social workers, Learning Disabilities (LDT) Consultants, art and music teachers, and special education transitional counselors. These employees are assigned to participating districts on a partial-week basis. Districts in need of a part-time professional could engage the Jointure Commission to employ individuals.
    The South Bergen Jointure Commission employs OT, PT, Speech and Behavior personnel to provide services to students of the SBJC and to students of participating districts.

    As a state approved Coordinating Transportation Services Agency (CTSA), the South Bergen Jointure Commission provides coordination of transportation for approximately 50 Bergen County School Districts at a costs savings per district. The Hasbrouck Heights Board office center serves as the central office for receipt of all transportation requests from participating districts. Transportation is coordinated and/or arranged for special education, regular education, and non-public school children. The South Bergen Jointure Commission presently services the member districts with over 500 routes. Public, non-public, and special education transportation are coordinated to maximize the vehicles use on each route, including athletic and field trips.

    The goal of the SBJC Home Program is to teach students to become productive independent members of their family and community. Home Programming focuses on working with students and their families to develop and generalize skills in and to the natural environment. The SBJC Home Program will assist families and caregivers with techniques used during the school day which have been proven to be successful for their child. Using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies to teach skills and manage behaviors, all home programming is data driven and evaluated on an ongoing basis to guide future programming.

    The SBJC STAR Program is for students ages 18-21 who have completed the mandated requirements for high school graduation. It is the goal of the STAR Program to enable students to transition successfully from high school to adulthood as an active member of society and the workforce. The STAR Program provides students with the opportunity to venture into the local community under the supervision of their teachers, paraprofessionals, job coaches, and therapists.

    The South Bergen Jointure Commission provides extended school year to support students in maintaining the academic, social/behavioral, communication, or other skills that they have learned as part of their Individualized Education Program (IEP). Teachers, teaching assistants, and related services are continued through the month of July.

    The SBJC converted classrooms into STEAM Labs prior to the 2014-15 school year, and the SBJC Maywood Campus is home to our Discovery Lab and Exploration Lab Labs. Participation in these labs is offered out to all sending districts free of cost in the summer before each school year. Districts that choose to participate are provided with transportation to and from the labs and an SBJC STEAM staff member to run their visit.