All classrooms are run by our well-trained, highly-qualified and NJ-certified teaching staff. Paraprofessionals hold at minimum an Associates Degree, with 90% of our staff holding a bachelor's degree or higher. Our students and classrooms are supported by our behavioral staff, consisting of School Psychologists, Social Workers, and Teachers with vast and varied experiences in working with students exhibiting challenging behaviors. Our speech and language department is comprised of professionals with expertise in varying areas, including working with children with apraxia, oral motor issues, implementing the principles of verbal behavior, and the use of prompt therapy. Our occupational and physical therapists provide services both in the classroom and in the pull-out therapy area as well as consulting with the classroom teachers. Additionally, our special-area teachers provide the students with physical education, art, and music classes. Our staff participates in in-service training on fifteen different occasions throughout the school year. These full-day, half-day, and after-school workshops focus on providing strategies specific to the needs of the teaching staff and the population of students with whom they are working. Topics include but are not limited to: strategies for handling challenging behavior, integrating technology into the classroom, development and implementation of curriculum, and providing effective group instruction.

    A lecture-style training on the principles of applied behavior analysis ABA is provided to all new staff. This comprehensive training goes in depth to teach the principles of ABA to be used in the classroom in order to reduce challenging behaviors. Additionally, all staff is trained and certified in the use of crisis intervention techniques. Training is provided via our on-site trainers and all staff members receive certification from the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI). Hands-on training with the classroom setting occurs in an on-going basis and is provided by classroom teachers, behavioral staff, and administration.